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The strokes of this PS 1 font have no thickness. They are defined by 2 path one upon the other and not by 4 next to each other. After typing you can see almost nothing. Somewhat more if the characters are selected. Therefore you have to add some weight (thickness) to the strokes by your own.

Adding stroke weight with Adobe® Indesign CS:
1. Highlight the Text with the Type Tool
2. Choose Window > Stroke to display the Stroke palette.
3. For Weight (thickness), choose a stroke weight in the menu, or type a value and press Enter or Return.
Note: Strokes thinner than 0.25 point may be too thin to see when printed on high-resolution output devices such as an imagesetter.

The benefit of this is that, like with actual plotter fonts, the stroke thickness has no relation to the particular font size. Therewith different font sizes can have the same stroke thickness and the strokes can be very thin.

The 0°, 45°, 90° angles of some strokes link this font for an italic font exceptionally well to most other layout objects.